Faces of Recovery

Young girls in Haiti celebrate their return to school following the 14 August earthquake in the south-west of the country.
Photo: © UNICEF/Georges Harry Rouzier


Start: 2021-09-01

Haiti continues to face a series of crises; political, economic, security and humanitarian which have led to great suffering across the country. The earthquake which struck the south-west region on 14 August 2021, caused the death of 2,200 people and left 800,000 in need of humanitarian assistance. It was just the latest disaster to befall the Caribbean country.

The United Nations with the support of the Haitian government immediately provided humanitarian assistance to affected communities after the earthquake  and in the months that followed has been working with the authorities to help the longer-term recovery and reconstruction process.

Faces of Recovery tells the stories of the people affected, the UN staff involved in supporting them as well as the work of Haitian partners.

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